Improving fire safety and comfort for residents with Soltherm’s structural product innovation

The Ropeworks development in central London is a major residential focal point embedded within a bustling community of schools, businesses, popular public buildings and landmarks.

The building was eligible for fire remediation works through the Building Safety Fund. Industry leading contractors Guildmore were challenged with the task of implementing full fire remediation works on the entire structure.

“The scope of works at Ropeworks is full remediation. That includes balconies, replacement of decking, EWI systems and rain screen cladding.” – Keith Laing, Guildmore director of facades and cladding

“We look closely at the thermal values of the building, trying to improve the indoor condition and energy consumption and fire safety, which is most important.” – Mihai Tudose, Guildmore Head of operations

Being at the heart of a very busy central London community, Guildmore were challenged with balancing this significant workload with the protection of neighbouring businesses and public buildings, such as a library, a primary school and a church. The objective was therefore to maximise efficiency, optimise building safety to the latest and most stringent regulations and protect the surrounding area and its occupants at all times.

Soltherm EWI systems were specified for this project. The HD Ultimate Silicone system provided reinforced fire protection from the inside and outside, as well as design flexibility to represent the building’s unique and iconic aesthetic.

To see the final result and to hear from Guildmore project and Soltherm representatives, watch the video below.

The Building Safety Fund

The Building Safety Fund (BSF) is a UK government initiative to support the nationwide effort to replace dangerous non ACM cladding systems on residential buildings in the private sector, social housing sector and beyond.

Through this fund, eligible properties can receive financial support towards important fire remediation works to bring their property up to the latest standards of building safety.

We encourage every housing association to check their eligibility, particularly those responsible for high rise residential buildings.

How to support efficient, sustainable fire remediation

“Ultimate means that the system is primarily mineral wool. And it has two layers of mesh that gives it high density and durability capabilities and is finished in silicone.” – Mark Gibbs, Soltherm Technical director

Here’s why the Soltherm range of EWI systems is helping to improve the efficiency of fire remediation projects like Ropeworks, plus many more residential and commercial fire safety projects across the UK:

Fire safety
Soltherm’s EWI solutions include A1 rated fire safety materials to bring residences fire safety rating in line with the highest standards.

Energy efficiency
External wall insulation has an immediate effect on the cost of running a residential building, reducing heat loss and lowering pressure on heating technology.

Amid the growing threat of climate change, Soltherm specialise in tough, durable systems with impact resistant capabilities that can withstand the elements all year round.

“Soltherm are extremely satisfied with this project. The key learning notes from the project have been the importance of accuracy of initial intrusive surveys, so that the specification can be as accurate as possible, as well as working with high end contractors like Guildmore to ensure and push quality, from start to end”. – Mark Gibbs, Soltherm Technical director

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