The Gainsborough Studios Project

The Gainsborough Studios Project

The Building Safety Fund in Action

Building for safety remains a top priority in the UK. So much so, hundreds of millions in funding has been allocated to the remediation of buildings across the nation, provided they can demonstrate significant levelling up of safety for building occupants. 

As a result of successful applications and tenders to the Building Safety Fund, construction and retrofit works are now happening up and down the United Kingdom, creating safer places to live and work. 

Our latest example comes from Gainsborough Studios where, together with Soltherm, Guildmore have not only restored an iconic British residence which is steeped in cultural history, but they have also improved fire safety in the building to unprecedented levels, with a system that is the first of its kind in this country.

Welcome to Gainsborough Studios

Gainsborough Studios apartments is a London residence with deep roots in British film history. An active movie studio between 1919 and 1949, this is where the legendary Alfred Hitchcock got his first big break in the film industry. 

Gainsborough Studios would make significant contributions to the British film and TV industry for much of the 20th century. In 2004, the site reopened as apartments. Today, it undergoes another important transformation. 

Guildmore’s challenge was to preserve the iconic feel of the site, whilst bringing safety and living standards right up to modern day requirements. In particular, the aim was to remediate the cladding on the surface of all four residential blocks, increasing the fire safety rating of the property. 

Gainsborough Studios earned the support of the Building Safety Fund, which was established to help building owners and leaseholders manage the cost of addressing fire safety risks, including those caused by unsafe non-ACM cladding systems.

The Project

In order to preserve the structural integrity of the apartment complex, boost its environmental performance and address the priority of increasing its fire safety rating, the Soltherm A1 Ultimate Steel system was specified for this project

  • First of its kind in the UK
  • A1 Non-combustible
  • Fixed directly to LGSF framing
  • Linear A1 through system (all components)
  • Suitable for all building types (high-rise / low-rise)
  • Available in multiple finishes
  • BDA Certified
  • The only BBA certified A1 system
  • A1 Fire rated (BS EN 13501 / BS 8414)
  • 25-year appearance guarantee

The Result

As per Building Safety Fund requirements, measured increases in living standards, especially fire safety, must be reported with the appropriate certifications for all materials used. 

The Soltherm A1 Ultimate Steel system is certified A1 for fire safety, the highest possible rating for non-combustibility in any cladding material available. It achieves a A1-s1, d0 rating in accordance with BS EN 13501-1 requirements, meeting Building Safety Fund criteria.

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Gainsborough Studios


Soltherm A1 Ultimate Steel




Apartment complex


Direct fix to Steel frame achieved a U-Value of 0.25W/mK


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