As leaders in construction technology, we’re experts in creating innovative products that meet government funding criteria.

We’re one of the few providers of Ofgem-approved fabric innovation measures eligible under the Energy Company Obligation (ECO).

Our industry-leading external wall insulation (EWI) systems offer tangible solutions to improve the energy efficiency of homes. As innovation measures, they unlock ECO funding for previously ineligible D-rated properties and offer beneficiaries a generous 25% uplift.

For social housing providers, local authorities, homeowners, and private landlords, this provides a cost-effective and scalable means of upgrading D-rated housing stock.


We offer three unique, leading-edge EWI systems that are all Ofgem-recognised innovation measures. Our easy-install Dynamic, FCS, and Endurance 75 systems are all designed with fire safety, durability, versatility, and aesthetics in mind.

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dynamic insulation
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Dynamic is the only multi-substrate mineral system on the market that retains its B1, s2 and d0 fire safety rating after painting. Accredited for use on steel, timber, and masonry, it’s an all-in-one versatile solution that is suitable for both traditional and non-traditional housing.

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Made from mineral wool slabs, a double base coat layer, and mesh reinforcement, Dynamic is impressively durable, and achieves a category I impact resistance rating.

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The painted finish also ensures the mineral render is protected from common moisture-related issues, like cracking and algae growth. With over 300 colours to choose from, there’s also plenty of scope to create an impactful building facade.

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endurance insulation
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With an unmatched 75-year durability, our Endurance 75 is a unique EWI [solid wall insulation] system. It’s a highly versatile product, suitable for both low-rise and high-rise properties, and hard-to-treat, system-build, and solid-wall homes. With over 100,000 m2 already installed, it’s also one of our most tried and trusted ECO4 products.

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Its mineral wool boards are combined with fibreglass cross-knot fixing technology, and a hydro-intelligent membrane finishing coat. These design features mean Endurance 75 has superior wind load resistance and can withstand extreme weather conditions. It’s also delamination resistant and has an A2 fire safety rating.

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FSC insulation
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Our B1, s2 and d0 fire safety-graded FSC system uses innovative construction tech to compartmentalise and control the horizontal and vertical spread of fire. It’s a cost-effective, but comparable alternative to mineral wool EWI systems.

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Made of grey expanded polystyrene (EPS) boards, it’s reinforced with alkali-resistant glass fibre mesh, and a reinforced base coat. Our FSC system is also highly durable, with low water absorption and high impact resistance.


Soltherm is at the forefront of innovation and technology in the construction industry.

We understand the importance of designing energy efficiency measures that not only support greener living, but can also be delivered affordably and at scale. That’s why we’ve created Ofgem-recognised EWI systems that can help you access more ECO funding for a wider group of low-EPC rated homes.

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ECO funding
for D-rated properties

ECO funding is largely only available
for E, F, and G-rated properties.

However, Ofgem-approved innovation measures can also be applied to D-rated homes. Our EWI systems are therefore eligible for ECO funding in D-rated properties.

Anyone with a D-rated home can potentially benefit. However, for social housing providers and local authorities, this presents a unique opportunity to access ECO funds for previously ineligible D-rated social properties. With around 1.2 million D-rated social houses across the UK, our EWI systems offer an effective and affordable means of improving housing stock en masse.

External wall insulation

25% uplift in funding

Our EWI systems are also eligible for
an extra 25% uplift in ECO funding.

By installing one of our systems, rather than another, you’ll benefit from a 25% higher government contribution. So, for example, where a standard system might be eligible for around £12,000 of ECO funding, one of our systems would be eligible for £15,000. This means any contribution you might have to make towards installation will be much smaller.

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