Budget vs Safety vs Compliance

In today’s industry, both construction and retrofitting are a balancing act of three individual elements. 

Budgetary planning needs to be smarter than ever before. As housing demand in the UK rises without any signs of slowing down, manufacturers work tirelessly to meet the demand of sufficient quality insulation and cladding material without compromising on environmental performance. Meanwhile, social housing associations are trying to cope with the ever present issue of the financial gap, between capped rent payments and adequate funding for renovations. 

Building safety has never been more talked about. Since the Grenfell disaster of 2017, building safety, particularly that in high rises, has been a consistent area of debate. As the inquiry’s second phase continues, building owners are keenly aware of the need to step up on safety both inside and outside their structures, particularly those which have become dated.

Building regulations and compliance are multiplying, largely due to the previous two points. The growing need for fast housing, plus the enforcement of better environmental standards towards Net Zero targets, plus the ongoing issue of fuel poverty in the UK, means everyone in the supply chain is facing an increasing amount of regulation from all angles. Being able to back up your material specification and construction and retrofitting practices is no longer a good working practice; it is fundamental.

So how does the process of specifying materials for energy efficient retrofit support this difficult balancing act between budget, safety and compliance? 

Achieving the right balance

Soltherm Premium Systems

Our Premium range of EWI systems offer an uncompromised approach to quality throughout whilst providing aesthetically superior finishes.

Budget - Our premium range is simply designed for maximum thermal efficiency. This industry leading range of acrylic, dash, mineral and silicone systems offer virtually any finish imaginable, with a guarantee to drive energy spending down for 30 years of effective life.

Safety - This exceptional quality premium system has achieved the fire classification B-s1d0, in accordance with BS EN 13501-1. Our Premium Durable Quick (PDQ) System achieves a fire classification of B-s2d0.

Compliance - As well as these exceptional fire safety ratings, all of our premium systems are BBA Certified, NSAI Certified and NHBC Accepted.

Soltherm Ultimate Systems

Our fire resistant and durable Ultimate system range achieves a level of safety and protection many industry alternatives typically do not.

Budget - Arguably our most popular range of systems, the Ultimate range was selected for installation at The Little Venice suburb of Westminster, to meet the latest regulatory fire safety requirements. The entire project was delivered under budget and gave the building its highest ever fire safety rating.

Safety - The Ultimate A1 Mineral system is the only BBA certified A1 fire rated EWI system available in the world. 

Compliance - The dash, silicone and mineral systems are all BBA Certified, NSAI Certified and NHBC Accepted. The Ultimate FSC Systems has also been awarded an ECO3 Innovation Score Uplift.

Soltherm Endurance Systems

Our Indestructible Endurance facade systems achieve superior impact resistance & 75 year effective life.

Budget - Our cleverly designed endurance systems offer A2 fire rating and superior impact resistance, in a huge variety of finishes. 

Safety - Through intensive testing, the Endurance system achieves 75 years durability credentials, capable of withstanding the harshest UK weather changes. 

Compliance - The Endurance 75 Silicone system is BBA Approved, NHBC Accepted, ETA approved and has received the ECO3 Innovation Score Uplift.

Find the right balance for your next project

To see our full range of EWI systems and finishes, and to strike the right balance for your next construction project without compromising on budget, safety or regulatory compliance, visit our systems page, or contact us via the details below.

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Uncompromised approach to quality throughout whilst providing aesthetically superior finishes.



Fire resistant and durable systems that can achieve A1 fire performance, designed with fire safety in mind.



Indestructible facade systems achieving superior impact resistance & 75 years effective life.



Architecturally attractive finishes that can replicate materials such as wood, metal and brick.



Render only systems designed to last.



Economic EWI solutions designed for speed and quality.

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Soltherm manufacture EWI systems for new, durable, rock-solid and crack-resistant façades with 75 years service life. With an ongoing commitment to innovation and improvement, Soltherm have produced a fully certified A1 fire rated system, using fire safe technology. Read more to view our full range of systems.