Building Owners Investors and Developers to carry the cost of replacing cladding

Following the Grenfell Tower fire, new powers will be given to ensure safe buildings.

The government is set to introduce legislation that penalises Property agents, Investors and Developers who refuse to pay for unsafe cladding removal. Blocking of future planning permission applications and new powers for leaseholders to directly litigate against the perpetrators, are just two of a suite of proposals that are set to be legislated.

The Housing Secretary, Mr Michael Gove has said that it is time to end this scandal. "We cannot allow those who do not take building safety seriously, or play their part in making homes safe," he told a press conference on Tuesday 17th February, "Those whose buildings don't meet required standards will no longer be permitted [by law] to participate in new housing projects, and if they attempt to continue investing and developing, then there'll be severe consequences”.

Building on previous weeks' proposals, building safety campaigners have said that this recent announcement represents the "most positive step forward" they've seen in regards to cladding fires. However with many questions still left unanswered over costs for leaseholders who need to fix fire-safe defects that are outside of inadequate cladding, there is hope but not yet optimism.

The government has announced, however, that there will be a cap on the amount leaseholders pay for safety defects, other than the dangerous cladding. This comes following campaigns by leaseholders who want more action taken against this issue, in order to protect their homes and neighbourhood from potential risks posed due to poor building materials used during construction years ago. The government has announced that they will be capping the cost for leaseholders in London at £15,000 and throughout England at £10,000 per year.

Soltherm takes building safety seriously, that’s why we offer non-combustible exterior cladding systems that are classified A1 and have a best in-class life expectancy of 75 years. In other words, industry-leading protection for both building and tenant, readily available where it is needed most.

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