External Wall Insulation and The Energy Crisis

The global political climate has escalated the already challenging energy crisis. As of now, the UK is learning to live with a 54% increase in energy costs, with no clear sign of a decrease any time soon. 

Home owners across the UK have been researching energy efficient methods of heating and insulation on an unprecedented scale since the crisis escalated. It is clear that whatever happens next in the political landscape, our planet needs us to step up efforts to drive energy efficiency in our homes. 

Soltherm are innovators in external wall insulation materials and systems. Fire safe, thermally efficient and readily available to install on retrofit projects across the UK and beyond.

How does an EWI system tackle the burgeoning energy crisis? Here are a few ways insulation addresses fuel poverty and domestic energy requirements head on.

EWI Prevents Heat Loss

External wall insulation is one of the most effective ways to prevent heat loss in a building. 

By insulating the outside walls, the building is warmer and easier to maintain a comfortable temperature. This is the main reason why external wall insulation is an increasingly popular choice for both commercial and residential buildings.

EWI Reduces Draughts

In the colder months, one of the most common challenges is draughts. Chilly air blowing through gaps in the door or seeping through cracks in the windows, draughts can make your home feel uncomfortably cold. 

One way to help reduce draughts is to install external wall insulation. This type of insulation works by creating a barrier between the outside of your home and the internal wall, helping to prevent cold air from entering. 

EWI Reduces Condensation

Condensation happens when warm, moist air comes into contact with a cold surface. While a little condensation is normal, excessive condensation can lead to serious problems like mould growth and structural damage. 

External wall insulation keeps walls warm, which prevents the moisture in the air from turning into water droplets, protecting your home from the damaging effects of condensation.

EWI Increases Weatherproofing

Hot summers and cold winters put seasonal pressure on heating and cooling systems. Changeable weather patterns, particularly in the changing environmental climate can also have a surprising effect on energy usage. 

One way to help boost the weatherproofing properties of your home is to install external wall insulation, to reflect heat in the summer and trap heat in the winter, making your home more comfortable year-round.

EWI Increases the Life of the Building

External wall insulation can help to extend the life of your home by protecting it from the elements. 

Wind, rain, and sunlight can all take their toll on a house over time, but insulating your walls can help to reduce the amount of damage that these forces can cause. Protecting the walls means protecting the integrity of the structure of your most valuable asset, causing a long term financial benefit. 

Some EWI can do Even More

Soltherm EWI systems include A1 fire safety rated insulation, which has already made a life saving difference to families across the UK, as well as delivering on all of the above energy saving benefits. 

Talk to a Soltherm EWI expert today about how external wall insulation could help protect your home.

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