The Building Safety Fund - What's Next?

While projects roll out across the UK, replacing dangerous non-ACM cladding and implementing more stringent fire safety measures, The Building Safety Fund is still a heavily debated topic in government. 

This month, numerous recommendations have been submitted by a committee of MPs to 

Parliament, in relation to the progress and ongoing development of improving building safety. 

Recommendations include protecting leaseholders from future costs, publishing data on the impact of the cladding crisis on the market, as well as data on costs paid out, holding those responsible for building faults to account and addressing the ongoing impact on social housing.

It is clear that there remains significant pressure on the built environment to improve building safety, alongside pressure on the government to get funding right.

Options to Fund Remediation Works

The routes to funding are a ‘cascade’ of options and government advice is to exhaust each option in order to increase chances of successful funding. The Building Safety Fund remains one of those options, however it is not the first. 

  1. Developers and product manufacturers
  2. Landlords and building owners
  3. The Building Safety Fund
  4. Leaseholder contributions (currently capped at £10,000 out of London and £15,000 in London)

Regardless of which route to funding is successful, at each stage, the Building Safety Regulator (BSR) assesses each construction “gateway” (from planning and design to construction, completion and occupation.)

With this in mind, as further guidance on each funding stage is waiting to be published, let’s revisit our guide to applying for Building Safety Fund cover and what this could now mean for housing associations. 

Before Your Funding Search Continues

Know your project - A comprehensive knowledge of structural integrity, environmental impact and living conditions must be acknowledged, regardless of the route to funding.

Have a solid plan in place - The Building Safety Regulator has powers to request project documentation at any stage in the project, from design to completion. 

Align yourselves with professionals - Since the initial application window closed in 2021, projects have been well underway, many thankfully carried out by reputable consultants and contractors. Aligning yourself with a proven Building Safety Fund supported organisation will support your efforts. 

Keep the project on track - The ‘Golden Thread’ of communication throughout the supply chain is a key element to the success of your construction projects in 2022, and is something the BSF specifically looks for. 

Demonstrate improved safety standards - Ensure your designs and proposals demonstrate the use of recognised, certified standards of construction, particularly in regards to fire safety. 

See the Building Safety Fund in Action

In London, a recently completed remediation project increased the fire safety rating of a series of high rise residences to A1 level. This was done with one of the most unique EWI systems available in the UK. The project was supported by the Building Safety Fund, with materials supplied by Soltherm.

To learn more, read our featured case study, The Gainsborough Studios Project.

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