When It Comes To Combustibility, Not All Systems Are The Same

A spotlight has remained firmly on the regulation and classification of insulation materials, ever since the Grenfell tragedy and the resulting independent review on building regulations and fire safety. All building materials that go into the construction or retrofitting of properties are under much more scrutiny than ever before, and rightly so.  

So what does a suitable modern solution look like? What types of external wall insulation exist on the market and how do you identify a good one? It's important to know that while many types of insulation are out there, not all of them behave the same way, particularly in the event of a fire.  

Mineral Wool - This has the highest industry fire rating (A1) and offers a substantial boost to a structure’s insulating properties. It is typically densely packed and fixed to the structure with fixings or adhesive.  

EPS - Expanded or extruded polystyrene is an extremely popular form of panelised insulation. Today, it is typically manufactured with additives to decrease its flammability. EPS can take on additional flame retardant properties when paired with other products.  

Wood Fibre - This is among the most sustainable options for insulation, however it is the least effective in terms of insulation and fire resistance. It is typically made from sawmill shavings and sawdust.


What To Expect From EWI 

Properly installed EWI will prolong the life of the building, reduce energy bills for residents and provide quieter, more comfortable living conditions. At the very least, must: 

  • Reduce heat loss and carbon emissions
  • Prevent internal condensation
  • Improve a building’s weatherability
  • Protect the substrate (especially in the case of older brickwork and timber buildings)

What To Expect From Us 

We believe that industry leading fire protection in insulation systems shouldn’t be a rising trend, but a key requirement. That’s why we supply high quality non-combustible products for retrofit and new build. 


Premium - Our exceptional quality premium systems include industry leading fire safety rated insulation along with an exceptional range of attractive finishes.  

  • Designed for 30 years of effective life
  • BBA Certified
  • NSAI Certified
  • NHBC Accepted 


Acrylic, dash, mineral and silicone systems have all achieved the fire safety classification of B-s1d0 in accordance with BS EN 13501-1.


Ultimate - Our ultimate range is a fire safety first offering , including A1 and A2 rated fire performance options throughout. 



  • Only BBA Certified A1 system in the world
  • NHBC Accepted
  • 100% guaranteed fire regulation compliance anywhere in the UK
  • Better impact resistance, absorption, strength and thermal properties than typical EPS


 The Little Venice suburb of Westminster selected the Soltherm Ultimate HD Silicone system to meet the latest regulatory fire safety requirements. The new system was installed on time and under budget, increasing the building’s fire rating to Class A2 and reducing the building’s U value, reducing energy costs. 


It’s About More Than Just The System


Soltherm offers a suite of associated services. This not only takes the stress out of choosing suitable EWI for your next project, but helps deliver it to an exceptional standard. Services include:


U Value Calculation - Including condensation Risk Analysis & WUFI (calculation of heat and moisture transfer.) Our technical experts are always ready to provide calculations relevant to your project.


CAD Drawings - Including suite of standard details and a technical team capable of producing bespoke drawings quickly and efficiently as per your project requirements.


Site Support - A team of external Technical Managers to provide on site support and training.


Registered Contractors - A national network of highly trained and experienced contractors to help make your project a reality.


View our case studies page for more examples of Soltherm EWI in construction and retrofitting and contact us for specification and ordering information.

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Soltherm manufacture EWI systems for new, durable, rock-solid and crack-resistant façades with 75 years service life. With an ongoing commitment to innovation and improvement, Soltherm have produced a fully certified A1 fire rated system, using fire safe technology. Read more to view our full range of systems.