colour system

The Soltherm ColourSelector is an online service that allows you to experience the effect of the Soltherm silicone and acrylic render ranges, on a variety of property types.The selector is designed to assist you with available colour ranges for your property or project, before requesting physical samples.


u - value calculator

The Soltherm U-Value calculator is an online service that allows you to calculate the required insulation thicknesses within a Soltherm EWI system. The calculator incorporates all the popular substrate types such as solid masonry and lightweight steel frame. It is still recommended that an official U-Value calculation and interstitial condensation analysis is conducted by the Soltherm Technical Department, before proceeding with an official specification.

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nbs specification creator

The Soltherm NationalBuilding Specification (NBS) Creator is for architects, designers and general specifiers. It is designed to allow you to download an NBS, applicable to your project needs, ascertained through a few relevant questions. It is still advised that you contact the Soltherm Technical Department before implementing the specification, to ensure its validity and suitability for the project.

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